Rachit Kushwaha

Helping Immigrants Build a Dream Life

Host | Community Leader | Marketing Expert

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“Getting help from Rachit was the best thing that happened to me in the most uncertain time of my life!”

Nita (FitwithNit)
Fitness Influencer & Trainer

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“Rachit is a marketing wizard!”

Shivam Verma
Multimillionaire Entrepreneur

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“Behind the Dreams is changing migrants mindsets in a positive way!”

Jeet Suchdev
Queen Service Medal Winner


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Who is Rachit Kushwaha?

Over the past 4 years in New Zealand, Rachit has built a following of over a 30k immigrants, started New Zealand’s First Online Show based on immigrants “Behind the Dreams” that reaches 70K-80K viewers every month, founded NZ’s Biggest Indian meetup group (Indian New Zealand Meetup), over 7.5K migrants downloaded his ebooks, and founded a digital marketing company called “Behind the Dreams Ltd.” that helps many small businesses based in NZ generate more leads consistently.

Hire Rachit to Market your Business.

Behind the Dreams Ltd. provides solutions to SMEs by using various digital and social media marketing tools. Rachit works behind the scenes for many well known small businesses based in Auckland.

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Behind the Dreams PODCAST 🎙️

Learn how to earn more, excel in your career and build better habits.

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Rachit Kushwaha

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