Season 1, Episode 1

How to Excel at Work and Fast-Track your Career in NZ with AD Singh | Behind the Dreams

Hosts & Guests

AD Singh

Rachit Kushwaha

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About This Episode

AD Singh is CEO & Training Head at Kiwi Skills Limited, New Zealand, where he helps students, working professionals with soft skill training, career counseling, and employability skills to achieve success in their career.

In the past 4 years, AD has influenced more than 10,000+ students globally and help them get a job. AD is successful and working as a Travel Professional at one of the biggest travel company in New Zealand. He has worked in New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Dubai in Sales, Marketing, Training & Business Development Position.

At the age of 18, AD left India to pursue his dream. After a ton of hardships, failure, obstacles and problems, today, AD is a successful Immigrant, an entrepreneur, motivational trainer and a public speaker.

In Behind the Dreams Episode 1, we will be discussing “How to Excel at Work & Fast-track your Career in NZ”.

Key Topics Covered:
• AD’s Story & initial Struggles
• Suggestions for newbies and how to apply for the right jobs
• Suggestions for newly graduates & how to make yourself stand out when applying for the job

• How to get a promotion at your current job & how to negotiate your salary

• Common mistakes immigrants make when applying for the jobs in NZ

• One big advice for immigrants

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