Season 1, Episode 2

How to Become a Dentist in New Zealand with Dr Lakshay Kumar | Behind the Dreams

Hosts & Guests

Dr Lakshay Kumar

Rachit Kushwaha

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About This Episide

Dr Lakshay Kumar is the Practice Owner of Sunnynook Dentist North Shore. It’s been seven years he is practising in New Zealand after completing the New Zealand Dental Council Exams.

In Episode 2 we will be unlocking his story, discussing “How to Become a Dentist in NZ”, advice for the people who have just “Passed the Council Exams” and suggestions for the Dentists in India who are “Willing to Relocate to NZ”.

Key Topics Covered:
Dr Lakshay’s story
• Mindset preparations & initial struggles
Difference between Indian & NZ’s dentist industry

• The process to become a Dentist in NZ and how to relocate to NZ if you are a Dentist in India

Lakshay’s advice for Dentists in India

Lakshay’s suggestions for the students who have passed the council exam

• One big advice for immigrants

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