Season 1, Episode 3

How to Build a Successful Restaurant Business in New Zealand with Salah Mohammed | Behind the Dreams

Hosts & Guests

Salah Mohammed

Rachit Kushwaha

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About This Episode

Salah Mohammed is the owner of Paradise Indian Food Restaurant Chain in Auckland. Paradise restaurant has been winning local boards’ people’s choice award consistently and the food offered by this restaurant has attracted some famous fans like Jonh Key, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Prince Williams, Badshah and many more.

In Episode 3 we will get to know Salah Mohammed’s story, how he started Paradise and the struggles he faced in his business. We will also discuss qualities/preparations a person need to start a restaurant in New Zealand, how to scale a restaurant to the next level and Salah’s advice for the restaurant owners.

Key Topics Covered:
Salah’s story and why Paradise Restaurant is different.
• How does Salah manage his business?
Struggles faced by Salah while building a restaurant business in New Zealand.

How different it is to run a restaurant business in NZ than India?

Qualities a person need to run a restaurant business in NZ?

Qualities Salah looks for in a Chef who wants to work at Paradise.
• Advice for people who want to pursue a hospitality career.
• The story about why Paradise started ‘giving back to the community initiative’.
• One best advice for the immigrants living in New Zealand?

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