7 Ways to Leave a Good Impression on the Interviewer
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#1. Build Relationships on LinkedIn

One good way I found to make the employers like me even before I apply for the job. LinkedIn. If you are not using this you are missing out. I used to add all the people (who will be involved during the hiring process) and engage with them (liking, commenting, sharing their posts, and even message if you think it’s appropriate). But never ask them to give you a job/looking for a job etc. Just try and add pure value.

Then when you go for an interview. BAMM! They already know you. You are welcome.

#2. Dress Well

This thing maybe you hear the most often. Dress to impress. But I am afraid as many companies in NZ are pretty laid back and casual. Some of the companies won’t expect you to be super formal.

To make sure you don’t go overboard and look like Jija in an Indian wedding.  One trick that helped me understand company’s culture and attire scenario is by checking the company’s social media presence. Check their Instagram account and see how people are dressed. If they are not on Instagram, check employee’s LinkedIn (make sure you are browsing privately). We have explained this in detail in our FREE ebook. Download here: www.behindthedreams.co.nz

This way you can avoid the mistake I made in the past when I went all in suit up for an interview and the director was sitting there in….. shorts.


#3. Show your Work Examples

If you are not doing this, trust me, it is very hard to get a white-collar job. Always, have some examples to back up your claims of how awesome you are. This will undoubtedly impress the interviewer, and it gives you more things to discuss and adds value to your words when you discuss past achievements.

Initially, I used to carry a tablet with me showing live examples, and say something like “this is what you guys are doing atm, I have done this in the past and I reckon if we make these changes you will get better results”.


#4. Tell a Story

Trust me, I have interviewed about 29 people by now. And it is so surprising how many times you hear similar answers from the people. As if they have learnt from the same template. Your interviewer wants to know about your skills and experiences, but he or she also wants to know about you.

Don‘t fire off routine answers to questions. Instead, work your answers into stories or anecdotes about yourself. People remember the people who are interesting. Prove your value by tailoring stories that address the main concern.

I remember one candidate (who is a fulltime employee now), we told her, the work pressure at our company could get intense sometimes. You might have to complete work on demand. etc.

A normal person would reply – Yes I am hardworking and I can do this or that.

She replied I had a similar situation at our previous company too. One of the employees was going through some emergency and I had to take the charge and complete all the work by myself as we were very near to the deadlines. I still remember I sat till 8 pm in the office to complete the work etc….

I still remember this answer as it was different.

Download our FREE Ebook to understand how to create your stories to answer interview questions www.behindthedreams.co.nz


#5. Have Good Questions to Ask About the Company

Ask questions. It will make you look more interested in the job. It will look super unprofessional if you don’t have anything to ask them.

One of my favourite questions to ask, What would be the typical career trajectory for someone in this position?


#6. Do Your Research About the Company

I can’t stress enough. Do your research about the competitors, mission of the company, and other details that will help you to stand out as a candidate who has a strong interest in the position.

Wanting a job is not enough, you have to show that you are ready to go above and beyond to work for this company.


#7. Write a Thank You Note

I reckon this is just a nice gesture. This is what I used to write.

“Hi Nigel,

It was great meeting you, Sarah and Tanea last Thursday for the Interview of the (Position Name).

Especially, thank you for making me feel comfortable beforehand as I have never been to any video conference interview before.

I believe the job is an excellent match for my skills and interests, and I appreciate the time you people took for me.
I would be very interested in working for (Company Name) and look forward to hearing from you.”

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