Don’t judge someone too quickly……..
Dont judge someone too quickly Rachit Kushwaha

You might see or meet people saying stop judging people. I believe we cannot stop judging people, as every human being we undergo a different experience in our lives and develop a different understanding of the world based on our own personal experiences.

So I feel it is impossible for someone not to judge someone based on the looks, situations etc.

However, recently a friend of mine in India shared a recent incident with him that completely changed my outlook on judging someone.

” One fine day I was travelling with my Dad in the metro. As it was a long way to go from Delhi to Noida I was trying to lean and sleep/rest.

Suddenly I heard noises. Three kids (6-8-year-old) running around shouting, kicking things, fighting and doing all the worse things you can think of. Almost all the people in the metro were annoyed by these kids. A few of the people even told them off.

The kid’s dad was sitting on the seat opposite us. Sitting straight, calm and looking at his shoes constantly. Probably, not even knowing what his kids are up to.

As those kids were getting super annoying and difficult to bear. My Dad politely told the kid’s dad “Arre yaar apne baccho ko chup karao? Sambhlte nahi toh karte kyun ho?” (Every Desi Dad, you know)

The guy looked at my Dad and didn’t say anything for a second. I looked at my Dad (and I was like man this is weird).

The guy took a pause, and said, Uncle, I just received a call and my wife passed away. And I don’t know what to do.

We were shocked, surprised and embarrassed at the same time.”

Things are not always as they appear. Sometimes we make quick assumptions about people, circumstances and situations.

Sometimes we meet someone in a particular state, stage or phase of their life and stereotype them to be a certain way without seeing the bigger picture.

Often in our lives as an immigrant, when we see people with a lot of wealth living in a foreign country. We either think “he got lucky” or feel jealous. But we never think about the hardships he/she must have gone through in order to reach where they are.

I guess they say it right “Just because someone carries it well. Doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy.”

Lesson Learnt:

• Not to judge someone too quickly.

• We judge the people by the actions or behaviour. But it is important not to come to a conclusion about that person and react without understanding other person’s intentions.

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