Guidelines to increase your LinkedIn Profile Visibility
LinkedIn tips Rachit Kushwaha

Here are a few guidelines for helping you increase your LinkedIn profile visibility among prospective employers which will give you a higher chance of getting selected over other candidates. 

 Create a personalised profile address to look more professional. It should look like this:

 Update your career interests every month. (log in to your profile and then go to this link:

 When looking for a job, change your profile headline to “seeking opportunities in a specific area” (to let employers know you are open to new opportunities)

 Ask for recommendations from your previous/current managers or colleagues (It adds credibility to your profile).

 Ask your friends to endorse your skills listed in your profile (in exchange of the same)

 Join industry-related LinkedIn groups. Also, join the official pages of the companies you would like to work for.

 Post third party articles related to your industry and update status at least 5 times a week. (Definitely, do it on Tuesday according to LinkedIn survey most employers are active on this day of the week)

 Add managers and recruiters from your industry and area in your professional friend list.

 Apply for jobs by clicking the jobs tab on the top of the profile.

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