Why work hard when you can “Netflix and Chill”?
Netflix Chill Rachit Kushwaha

Often a lot of people ask me,”Rachit you have a stable job and you are well settled. When you can go home after work and Netflix & Chill, then why do you have to work so hard on these extra things?”

Two years ago, when I graduated from Uni, I struggled to connect with Indians living in NZ and received little to no guidance to excel in my career. Looking at my Asian friends who had various platforms and people to advise them on daily things. I used to envy them and wonder even though there are a lot of Indians around me but somehow, we are still not connected.

I saw a dream, a dream where I could build a platform where we could change the mindset of our community. An idea where we could change our community’s attitude towards each other. A dream where we could seek advice, share experiences and make the lives of people around us better.

I knew this decision would demand way more skills, time and responsibilities. It’s easy to talk about things but it’s a different story to achieve it.

It’s been two years straight when I have given up on so many routine things from my daily life. So I could spend more time on the goal I am working towards. I knew I must put in all my efforts and sacrifice anything that doesn’t align with what I want and who I aspire to become, and that’s how I will indeed get where I want to be.

Well, I guess they say it right ”when you light a candle, you also cast a shadow.”

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