Season 1, Episode 7

How to Speak So That People Want to Listen | Jilesh Desai on Behind the Dreams Show | Rachit Kushwaha

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Jeet Suchdev

Rachit Kushwaha

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About This Episode

Remember Gujju Mom? Auckland Street Curious Videos? Tezz Gaadi Radio Show? Yes, you guessed it, right. 😀

Super stoked to announce Behind the Dreams Episode 7 with RJ Jilesh Desai.

Jilesh has firmly cemented his name as a star RJ with his Tezz Gadi and Gramophone Hits on Radio Tarana – these have been hugely popular with listeners around the country and also many around the world. This creative lad has become a household name after creating viral video series – Gujju Mom – that has been so popular, the 14 episodes have collectively garnered 12 million views worldwide. Many of us also know Jilesh as a confident and witty MC, hosting huge events like Indian International Film Awards, Auckland City Diwali etc.

In Episode 7, we will talk about his journey from being a chef to a star RJ and then a viral video creator. We will also discuss how he mastered the art of Public speaking and why it is important for everyone to learn this skill. And in this episode, he finally revealed how he created Gujju Mom character and made the internet a happy place for Kiwi Indians.

Show Notes:
00:00 – Introduction
02:29 – Why did Jilesh choose Radio industry?
05:18 – How Radio is competing with Spotify
05:41 – Can you have a full-time career in Radio Industry?
07:25 – Story of Gujju Mom character
10:22 – Jilesh’s thoughts on Indian News media in New Zealand
12:16 – What Radio Tarana is doing to help Immigrants in New Zealand
14:16 – Jilesh’s tips on Public Speaking 17:05 – How Jilesh is able to host big events easily
17:54 – How to control your nervousness when on stage
20:01 – Importance of being self-aware 22:09 – Important lessons that helped Jilesh become who he is today
24:58 – Things he learnt after meeting celebrities
26:18 – Jilesh’s one big advice for all the immigrants

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