Season 1, Episode 8

Punjabi Music Industry in New Zealand | Savi & Ariv on Behind the Dreams Show | Rachit Kushwaha

Hosts & Guests

Savi Kahlon

Ariv Aulakh

Rachit Kushwaha

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About This Episode

Savi & Ariv are the rising stars in New Zealand’s Punjabi Music Industry. With over 2.8+ million views on their music videos collectively on their youtube channel, people are raving about their talent. These music artists are the ones who rose to fame quite quickly. After giving hits like “Munda New Zealand Toh” & “Putt Jattan De”, Savi & Ariv aims to give a new identity to Punjabi Music Industry in New Zealand.

In Episode 8, we will have a fun conversation about how one can kickstart their career in the music industry, what are the struggles, how to build your network and a recipe to produce a hit song.

Show Notes:
2:20 – How do you feel when people are making tik-tok videos on your songs?
3:16 – Why does the majority of Punjabi Songs have Big Cars, Guns and Models?
4:15 – Why Sidhu Moosewala is so famous?
5:59 – How Savi & Ariv’s music passion started?
7:33 – How Ariv’s Music Career started?
8:20 – How a newbie can start his/her music career in New Zealand?
10:38 – Producer Mani explains the revenue model for music artists?
13:07 – Producer Mani explains the different channels to make money as a music artist?
14:06 – Can this be a full-time career?
14:51 – Savi & Ariv sings Munda New Zealand da
15:56 – Importance of network when making music videos/songs
16:36 – Savi & Ariv’s perfect recipe to make a hit song
17:52 – Do you fear competition?
20:14 – Why Savi & Ariv wants to showcase New Zealand?
21:02 – Upcoming projects revealed
21:03 – One best advice for Immigrants

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