Season 1, Episode 11

How To Start a Political Career in NZ | Priyanca Radhakrishnan | Rachit Kushwaha | Behind the Dreams

Hosts & Guests

Priyanca Radhakrishnan

Rachit Kushwaha


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About This Episode

While the election season is on and everyone is debating what party is going to win. We are sure many of us are inspired by seeing some of these fantastic people advocating for their party and trying to make the future of our country better. We thought how great would that be if a migrant MP herself from the current government could give us a crash course on how to kick start your political career in New Zealand. 🤩😇

Super excited to collaborate with Priyanca Radhakrishnan , Labour List MP based in Maungakiekie, Auckland for Behind the Dreams Episode 11. Priyanca and Rachit will discuss, what are some first steps to enter a political party, qualities you need become a good politician, what it’s like to live a life as a Member of Parliament and, what is the best and worst part of being in this profession. 😁✨ Priyanca also shared her journey on how she got into politics, her (never revealed before) career secrets, a story of her mentors and highlights of Parliament life.

Show Notes:

01:51 – What profession you would have taken if you were not an MP today?
02:18 – What Priyanca was doing back in Singapore and how was her first few years in NZ?
04:12 – What was Priyanca’s first job in NZ?
04:26 – How did Priyanca end up in Politics?
06:37 – Process to join a political party
07:52 – Priyanca’s first day in the Parliament
10:04 – How Priyanca’s day look like as an MP
15:26 – How much a new MP would earn?
16:23 – Does personality plays a big role to become a politician?
18:33 – Priyanca, Jacinda ardern, Phil goff
22:27 – Priyanca’s secret strategy to improve her public speaking skills
26:11 – What’s the best part of being a Politician?
30:09 – What’s the worst?
31:15 – What are some signs for young people that tells that you can become a politician?
32:21 – Priyanca’s advice for young people to become a politician
32:47 – Priyanca’s one big advice for immigrants.

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