Season 1, Episode 12

NZ’s Most Famous Indian Fitness Influencer | FitwithNit | Behind the Dreams | Rachit Kushwaha

Hosts & Guests

Nita (Fit with Nit)

Rachit Kushwaha


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About This Episode

In Behind the Dreams Episode 12, we will be sharing the inspiring story of Nita (known as Fit Nit, Manager at a Fitness Club, Qualified Personal Trainer and an advocate of Holistic Health and Wellness. 💪👩

When Nita was new in the country just like any other immigrant, she was working long hours and adopted to an unhealthy lifestyle. Little did she know, within a year Nita gained 15 kgs, couldn’t find a balance in between her physical & mental health and ended up in depression. It was so bad that Nita left her job and went back to India. 😔

In this interview, Nita will share how she used fitness as a tool to overcome her mental and physical issues. She will also give guidance to fitness junkies who want to build a career in Fitness Industry, her views on working in this industry as an Indian Girl, suggestions for women going through PCOD & PCOS and how she built her army of 90K followers on social media. And of course, a FREE 6 weeks body transformation workout and a meal plan for our dedicated viewers. 🤩🥳

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