Season 1, Episode 13

Indian-American Couple with One Million Followers | Kishanell | Rachit Kushwaha | Behind the Dreams

Hosts & Guests

Kishan & Shanell

Rachit Kushwaha

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About This Episode

Kishan & Shanell started their YouTube Channel (Kishanell) journey in 2018 and, today they have 1.03m subscribers, more than 160 million views and claiming the status as the 16th largest YouTube channel in New Zealand. Kishanell also has the largest Tik Tok following in New Zealand with 2.4 million followers. Their YouTube Channel also said to be 7th most influential in New Zealand. 😎

In Behind the Dreams Episode 13, we will have a fun conversation with Kishan and Shanell about their love story, YouTube journey, life as full-time content creators and advice for newbie YouTubers. 😍

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