About Me

My name is Rachit Kushwaha, and the person you see today is not who I’ve always been.

Rachit Kushwaha About me

I want to share something personal with you. From a very early age, I always wanted to do something big and create a life I am proud of.

People see the success, but not the thousands of hours behind closed doors reading, and practising. People see the confidence today but not the depression, rejection and low self-esteem that came first. It’s easy to guess who we think someone is. Here’s who I actually am.

I was born and raised in New Delhi in a middle-class family. Although I was very fortunate to have very supportive parents, I always felt like someone who is dumbest of all and struggled to study. As a young, energetic teen, I was interested in playing cricket and hanging out with neighbourhood friends. But whenever it came to studies, I was always made fun of by my friends and neighbours. 

Rachit Kushwaha College days

 (Rachit & his friends during his college days in India, 2009)

Being honest, I didn’t have any passion for life until I moved to New Zealand. Back in India, I did a Bachelor’s in Business Administration because my family asked me to do so. After that, for three years, I dabbled in different industries. Of course, I made money, but I never really enjoyed what I was doing. I felt like my life was not moving; I was not able to develop myself and improve my skills.

So I decided if I can go to a foreign country and study at a great Uni, I thought I would be able to upskill myself, improve my personality, get a better job and earn more money.

So my father helped me take the education loan and come to New Zealand.

When I came to New Zealand, just like any other immigrant, I was excited, happy, and eagerly waiting for what’s next. I wanted to make new friends, travel, go to the uni, and of course, get that Permanent Residency.


Within just two months, I realized being an immigrant is not what I imagined initially.

I spent 1.5 years in NZ being stupid, making mistakes, doing jobs that were not adding any value to my career, and wasting time by hanging out with the wrong people. I spent many sleepless nights believing that I would never be able to achieve my goal of living here comfortably and tell my parents I didn’t waste their money.

Out of that desperation, I began to read and watch YouTube videos on personal growth. And one big and hard decision I made was to hang out with the different people. Successful people, people with positive mindsets who have big goals in their life.

Within just a few months of hanging out with the right crowd, I went from feeling lost, frustrated, and utterly hopeless to someone with self-confidence, goals and the right mindset. I won’t say I didn’t have any goals, skills or the right mindset before making these changes in my life, but I reckon I didn’t have the right/guided pathway to what to do to achieve a particular thing. And fortunately, my successful friends helped me to show the right path and guided me in the right direction when needed.

Rachit Kushwaha First day in NZ

 (Rachit on his 1st day in New Zealand, 2016)


“pain pushes, until the vision pulls.”

Since then it’s been an incredibly wild journey. I’ve failed way more than I’ve succeeded, and like many people, I attribute that to my success. So many years of commitment to self-mastery have passed by and I never take one day off without learning and growing in some way. This, I believe, is one of the biggest keys to success. Always learn, always grow, always teach. This philosophy has allowed me to achieve some incredible things in the past 4 years.

Behind the Dreams AD

Rachit is the founder and host of New Zealand’s First Online Show based on immigrants “Behind the Dreams” which reaches up to 70K-80K kiwis every month and has received positive feedback from the viewers. It has emerged as a highly effective knowledge hub for migrants where they can learn from the real experiences and guidance of successful immigrants living in New Zealand. The online show aims to explore the mindsets, skills, insights and strategies that it took for these individuals to achieve their current levels of living and career standards

Indian New Zealand Meetup Rachit Kushwaha

He also founded a youth community group in 2019, named “Indian New Zealand Meetup” that has become NZ’s Biggest Indian Meetup Group with over 5,000 members. This youth group works as a support network that aims to help migrants connect with other people with similar stories and find long-lasting friendships in the process. It also aims to promote social inclusion and help migrants build skills and personality so they could contribute more to New Zealand’s economy.

Rachit Kushwaha got featured in Indian Weekende Newspaper bb

The largest Indian Newspaper Publication in New Zealand Indian Weekender wrote an article about Rachit and his unique initiatives for the community.

Rachit Kushwaha meeting Jacinda Ardren

Rachit had the opportunity to meet Rt Hon Prime minister Jacinda Ardern.

Rachit Kushwaha Beehive New Zealand Parliament with Jacinda Ardren

Rachit got an invitation from the Office of Ethnic Communities and Honorable Minister Priyanca Radhakrishnan to attend Diwali Celebrations at New Zealand Parliament, Wellington.

Rachit giving a webinar to otago polytechnic students

He also shared his success story and gave advice to students at Otago Polytechnic Auckland Campus.

Rachit Kushwaha wrote his first book

Rachit published his first ebook “10 highly effective career hacks to help get your dream job” that has been downloaded by more 7.9K immigrants by now.

aaja nachle

As a guest of honour at the annual show of Aaja Nachle Dance School. Rachit inaugurated the show and gave his best wishes to the participants.

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