My Story

My name is Rachit, and I want to share something personal with you. From a very early age, I always wanted to do something big and create a life I am proud of.

I was born and raised in New Delhi in a middle-class family. Although I was very fortunate to have very supportive parents, I always felt like someone who is dumbest of all and struggled to study. As a young, energetic teen, I was interested in playing cricket and hanging out with neighbourhood friends. But whenever it came to studies, I was always made fun of by my friends and neighbours. All my teenage life I missed having that one friend who could have helped me understand my situation and help me deal with it.

Rachit Kushwaha College days

 (Rachit & his friends during his college days in India, 2009)

Being honest, I didn’t have any passion for life until I moved to New Zealand. Back in India, I did a Bachelor’s in Business Administration because my family asked me to do so. After that, for three years, I dabbled in different industries. Of course, I made money, but I never really enjoyed what I was doing. I felt like my life was not moving; I was not able to develop myself and improve my skills.

So I decided if I can go to a foreign country and study at a great Uni, I thought I would be able to upskill myself, improve my personality, get a better job and earn more money.

So my father helped me take the education loan and come to New Zealand.

When I came to New Zealand, just like any other immigrant, I was excited, happy, and eagerly waiting for what’s next. I wanted to make new friends, travel, go to the uni, and of course, get that Permanent Residency.

Within just two months, I realized being an immigrant is not what I imagined initially.

Being an immigrant was sharing a room with other friends and not having privacy. It was having to bum rides off with friends and not being able to afford to eat out. It was struggling to understand a different accent and working part-time after classes.

But it was also friendships and completing the dream of seeing a different world. It was personal growth. It was constantly being faced with my inadequacies, being in over my head, and needing to learn on the job. It was being afraid and moving forward anyway, and every day just trying to be a bit better than the day before.

I understood being an immigrant is hard.

I spent 1.5 years in NZ being stupid, making mistakes, doing jobs that were not adding any value to my career, and wasting time by hanging out with the wrong people. I spent many sleepless nights believing that I would never be able to achieve my goal of living here comfortably and tell my parents I didn’t waste their money.

Out of that desperation, I began to read and watch YouTube videos on personal growth. And one big and hard decision I made was to hang out with the different people. Successful people, people with positive mindsets who have big goals in their life.

Within just a few months of hanging out with the right crowd, I went from feeling lost, frustrated, and utterly hopeless to someone with self-confidence, goals and the right mindset. I won’t say I didn’t have any goals, skills or the right mindset before making these changes in my life, but I reckon I didn’t have the right/guided pathway to what to do to achieve a particular thing. And fortunately, my successful friends helped me to show the right path and guided me in the right direction when needed.

Rachit Kushwaha First day in NZ

 (Rachit on his 1st day in New Zealand, 2016)

Rachit Kushwaha Travel success

(Rachit travelling to Australia- New Zealand)

Rachit Kushwaha Travel nnsuccess1

(Rachit travelling to Australia- New Zealand)

In 2018, I was able to secure my dream job and I could easily see I was on my way to live my life I always wanted to. I travelled across New Zealand & Australia. I started a Digital Marketing Agency and a video production business to help small businesses. I bought my dream car and was doing everything I ever wished for.

Fast-forward to 2019, one beautiful day, I was sitting in my room scrolling through my Facebook feed looking at my friend’s pictures in India hanging out, partying, and having fun. Of course, I was happy for them, but deep down I was depressed, jealous and sad. This is something that not many immigrants talk about. When I was new in the country, I tried going out as much as I could, experienced the western culture, made lots of kiwi friends, hung out with them, went clubbing, surfing and did all the fancy stuff. But eventually, I started missing things we used to do in India. That desi-ness was missing from life.

Realizing I didn’t have many Indian friends. I took advice from a flatmate and made a post in a Facebook group asking if someone is interested in catching up in the city. In just 4 hours, I had 59 comments and 102 likes on the post telling they are also going through the same condition/situation. And then came up with the idea of ‘Indian Auckland Meetup.’ A place where all the kiwi-Indian can meet, have fun, discuss things, solve each other’s problems and have one day in a month where we can celebrate who we are.

Indian Auckland Meetup 1 1

(Rachit and the Indian Auckland Meetup members after every successful meetup) 

This journey has been crazy. The group was growing from the 15 attendees on the first meetup to having super active 3000 members in the FB group. More importantly, building some last longing friendship, memories and overcoming the feeling that something is missing from life. I feel so fortunate, even though I was so introverted and not so social. I managed to overcome my fears and created one of the biggest Indian meetups in Auckland. It’s hard to explain the feeling when people tell me, someone, who hardly had any like-minded friends. Within just 3 hours of attending the meetup, they found so many people they think they can potentially be good friends with. The funny part, I even saw someone who ended up being in a relationship.

So grateful for creating a platform for my community and contributing to their life in some way.

As there is a saying when God wants to help, they choose someone as a way to help others.

I remember one beautiful day at our 3rd Indian Auckland Meetup I was talking to a member, who was going through the pretty same situation as I was two years ago. Someone who knew the job he is doing is not going to contribute to his career journey but he couldn’t help as he was not sure how he could secure the job in his field that he wants. As I have been through this situation, I suggested expanding his network and making friends with the people who are already at the place where he wants to reach, meaning, try and contact people who are already doing similar jobs/business that he wants.

After coming back from the meetup, I had the same altar call moment that I felt before founding Indian Auckland Meetup. I wanted to do something, and I wanted to create something that would not only help network with others but help people get advice from successful immigrants.

Behind the dreams interview with AD Singh

(Behind the Dreams episode on How to Fast Track your Career in a Foreign Country)

Behind the Dreams Interview with Salah Mohammed

(Behind the Dreams Episode on How to Build a Restaurant Empire)

Behind the dreams interview with Lakshay Kumar

(Behind the Dreams Episode on How to Become a Dentist in New Zealand)

I am sure each of you has some unique skills and work ethics but I understand in a new culture and job market it is hard for us to find out what is right or whatnot. I believe the only secret here to reveal is learning from the people who have already successfully achieved the things that you want. People who have already tested the waters did the heavy lifting and created a successful life for themselves in this country. Just like, you hire a personal trainer when you want to build muscles, why not take help from someone who is already doing a job in your interest in the field?

I understand this because I have been through a similar situation and I recovered from it only because of those successful friends who helped me when needed. I researched for months to come up with an idea, so I could create a platform where I can present the advice from these successful immigrants in the best manner.

Behind the Dreams Episodes

And then I found Jake Millar online, I came across his channel and was super impressed to read his story. At the age of 19, he sold his first company to the NZ govt and, after that, founded New Zealand’s fastest-growing media startup, Unfiltered. It is a paid­ subscription platform designed to help business leaders achieve true success. A series of videos where Jake interviews world-class business leaders and talks about their journey and asks for their advice on different aspects of the business. So the business owners could learn from their mistakes or unique strategies and build successful businesses.

This is the inspiration I needed. And this is how I founded “Behind the Dreams.” An online show where we interview successful people in all the different fields and try to explore their mindsets, what skills they acquired to get a job and strategies they used to reach the level of living they are at now. With Behind the Dreams platform, we endeavour to build the Ultimate FREE Resource designed for those who have just started or are still on the way to chase their dreams in their new home so they can have the knowledge, tools, inspirations, and courage to build their successes on their terms.

Within just launching the platform four months ago, the show has gained a lot of attention from the immigrant community in New Zealand and Australia. Here are a few comments of the viewers who are following the platform on Facebook.

Behind the Dreams Episode Reviews 3
Behind the Dreams Episode Reviews
Behind the Dreams Episode Reviews 2

Here are a few more things that happened in the past year..

Rachit Kushwaha got featured in Indian Weekende Newspaper bb

(The largest Indian Newspaper Publication wrote an article about Rachit Kushwaha)

Rachit Kushwaha meeting Jacinda Ardren

(Rachit had the opportunity to meet Rt Hon Prime minister Jacinda Ardern)

Rachit giving a webinar to otago polytechnic students

(Rachit shared his success story and gave advice to students at Otago Polytechnic)

Rachit Kushwaha wrote his first book

(Rachit published his first ebook “10 highly effective career hacks to help get your dream job”.)

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