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Successful Immigrant f

Are you a Successful Immigrant?

Are you a successful immigrant living in New Zealand or Australia and want to come onto the show and share your wisdom with a global community? Click the button below to get in touch.

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Join the Masterclass

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What People Say

Nita Fitness Expert Jetts New Zealand 2

This is like a dream come true. What else you want than the successful people, who have already tested the water and did all the heavy lifting, are sharing the information on how you can achieve the same. I believe we are lucky to have a show like this, where all relevant career information is available at one platform.


Fitness Expert, New Zealand

Sujal Full Stack Developer

I love Rachit’s energy and enthusiasm. It’s been said that nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm and Rachit keeps it real. I met him for the first time at one of Indian Auckland Meetups and he was so supportive and helpful. I am really looking forward to this show.

Sujal Shah

Software Consultant, New Zealand

Ronak testimonial

I trust Rachit and his vision. I reckon Behind the Dreams show will provide some incredible information, motivation and that care which we miss when we are away from our country. This platform will help connect immigrants across the globe and provide relevant information to grow together.

Ronak Patel

Laboratory Assistant, USA

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